Gelarmony Rome: the search for Sicilian ice cream...

Gelarmony is an ice cream shop in Rome which began in July 1996 thanks to the passion and determination of Salvatore Russo, Marco Ricci and, later, Roberto Ricci. With great enthusiasm and meticulous work, Gelarmony soon became a favourite for those with very delicate tastebuds. This is due, in large part, to the quality of the ice cream which have no preservatives nor colorings and only created with ingredients originating from Sicily, such as the Pistacchio from Bronte, the almonds from Avola and the mulberries grown on the slopes of Mount Etna.
At Gelarmony, great detail is given towards aesthetics. In fact, all products on display in our ice cream shops in Rome are presented as a real and proper work of art, with decorations of carved fruit and elaborated chocolate creations. As well as a large range of ice creams for all tastes, Gelarmony allows you to find other products of traditional Sicilian gourmet, like brioche, slushed iced drinks, cassate and cannoli which are freshly prepared in that moment. Come and visit us, we are open every day from 10a.m. until late at night.

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