Italian ice cream shop


Gelarmony is the most famous Italian ice cream shop in Rome with an artisan laboratory where experience and passion are the main ingredients. The ice cream is made from 60 different flavors including 18 soia based ones for our more intolerant customers. But that's not all: fresh and tasty slushy ice drinks, cassata (Sicilian cakes), brioche and cannoli are on offer too.
Gelarmony is more than just an ice cream shop in Rome. Here you can try: Marzipan fruttini (fruit emptied inside and ice cream placed in its place), slices of orange chocolate, marron glacé, sliced ricotta cheese and tiramisù mousse. The "cono cannolo" which unites tradition and innovation is a must: an authentic cannolo flavored ice cream, wrapped in its typical wafer.
There are several Gelarmony ice cream shops in the capital: Eur Marconi, Prati (near via dei Gracchi), Colli Portuensi etc. They are all open from 10 a.m. until late at night.

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